Who We Are

About US

Sevion Technologies a new generation Information Technology company with a strong focus on custom application development. over 14 years of proven experience as a global IT solution provider, Sevion Technologies stands proud in its way as an emerging IT company with enormous growth potential.

Over the last 14 years, Sevion Technologies has served over a 1000 clients worldwide and our solutions ranging from medium to large-scale custom applications spanning various industries such as Education, Hospitality, Medical and Finance especially non- banking and Retail.

Sevion Technologies also has a wide range of time tested software products such as FINEX , EDGE, SmartDINE, TRADE- M for Financial, Educational, Hospitality and Trading and Supply Chain management verticals.

Today, Sevion Technologies has around 35 number of talented and experienced software professionals with expertise in software development especially in web and mobile application development using both Microsoft and Java platforms. We have proven expertise in RFID and smartcard integration. In addition, we maintain a team of project managers, architects ad QA personnel as well.

Sevion Technologies is lead by professionals with more than 20 years of widespread business experience and is run by a top level management team with more than 10 years of relevant IT experience.

Where we are...

Sevion Technologies has its primary development centre based at Cochin, KERALA. INDIA Because of the availability of a vast pool of skilled human resources and still not so high cost of living make Kerala, the most preferred location for an IT and ITES companies.

Sevion Technologies has recently opened its Australia subsidiary Qodes Technologies in Sydney region and has plans to expand rapidly to other US regions.

How we work...

We offer two delivery models and billing modes (T&M and fixed cost) to fit your business needs.

Project based

We will take care of all the aspects of the solution right from requirement gathering to release at customer site.

Staff augmentation

We will take care of all the aspects of the solution right from requirement gathering to release at customer site.

Why Us...

Being a 14 year old IT company, our commitment to work is unmatched. Our experience particularly in product engineering is always a plus. We have an unparalleled approach to keep the employee attrition rate as low as possible.

In addition, we have the capacity to scale up to any level to meet your infrastructure and human resource requirements.

Below given are some key advantages our clients will receive from a partnership with Sevion Technologies

  • Time factor : We work in synchronism with UAE office timing
  • Lowest development cost – Our basic man hour charges starts at as low as US $ 20/hr depending on the domain, technology and methodology involved.
  • Our services are cost effective, when it is compared to the domestic rates. It gives an edge to the clients in the highly competitive market.
  • Communication & Connectivity. Since communication plays a pivotal role in any business activity, we give high priority to client communication. At Sevion Technologies , we maintain a dedicated team to take care of this aspect.
  • With latest communication platforms like logmein1, skype2 Google talk3 and client portal, connectivity will not be a constraint at al. this will also ensure utmost transparency in the work we do.
  • Collaborative Model of work – your project managers can work in a collaborative environment and this would ensure better control and faster execution over entire project life cycle.
  • Adaptability – we are highly adaptable to the methodologies and practices you follow.
  • Free trial- we will develop and deliver a trial project\prototype free of cost - an effective way to access our capability to develop and deliver in time.