Cheque Management System


The Bank Cheque Management mobile application is a software system designed to provide a convenient and user-friendly solution for managing and tracking cheques. The application allows users to easily manage their cheques, upload bank statements for automatic cheque clearance updates, and receive notifications for issued and received cheques.

System Overview

The bank cheque management mobile application is a standalone system that operates independently of the banks’ existing systems. It provides an intuitive mobile interface for users to manage their cheques and view their cheque-related activities.

Functional Requirements

User Registration and Authentication

The application shall allow users to create new accounts by providing their personal information, including name, email, and password. Users shall be able to log in securely using their registered email and password.

Cheque Management

Users shall be able to add new cheques by entering cheque details, such as cheque number, account number, amount, and issuer/receiver information. The application shall provide a list view to display all added cheques, including their status (issued or received).

Users shall be able to search and filter cheques based on various criteria, such as cheque number, date, or status.

Bank Statement Upload

Users shall be able to upload their bank statements in PDF format through the application. The application shall process the uploaded bank statements and automatically update the status of cleared cheques based on the information provided in the statements.


Users shall receive notifications for issued and received cheques, including status updates and relevant details.

The application shall send push notifications to users mobile devices to ensure timely communication.


The application shall use industry-standard encryption protocols to secure user data, including personal information, cheque details, and bank statements.


The application shall provide a responsive user interface with minimal latency, ensuring a smooth user experience even under varying network conditions. The bank statement processing shall be performed efficiently to minimize processing time and provide timely cheque clearance updates.


The application shall be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, running iOS 13+ and Android 8+.


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